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Inequalities (Algebraic)
Inequalities from WebMath : click the links in the "Inequalities" section to go to some
very good information on how to solve algebraic inequalities. If you have an problems
with using the online tutorials, WebMath provides a "Help typing in your problem" link
at the bottom of its pages to assist you.
Linear Inequalities at Armstrong Atlantic State : clear, concise information on how to
solve and graph linear inequalities. Be SURE to use the small, hyperlinked numerals
       on this site as they are important to using this on-line tutorial correctly.
Solving Inequalities from SCORE : good, clear advice on linear inequalities,
combinations of inequalities, inequalities involving absolute values, polynomial
inequalities, and rational inequalities.
Solving Quadratic Inequalities from PurpleMath : very good step-by-step
explanations on how to solve quadratic inequalities. If you're having problems with
solving quadratic inequalities, this is a great place to go for help!

Linear Equations
Introduction to Solving Linear Equations : for students who are just beginning to
tackle linear equations, this BBC site offers good, basic, and easy-to-understand
information regarding how to solve those equations.  
Linear Equations at Armstrong Atlantic State : a very good set of sample problems with
step-by-step solutions that will help you to master the nuances of linear equations.
Be SURE to use the small, hyperlinked numerals on this site as they are important
       to using this on-line tutorial correctly. Recommended.
Solving Equations: Linear Equations at a really nice page that
shows, very clearly, how to solve linear equations. This page is easy-to-understand
and quite helpful.
Solving Linear Equations : this web page from the University of St. Thomas is good for
students who want step-by-step examples on how to solve linear equations. Worth
a look.

Math -- All Subjects
AAA Math : a helpful site that covers everything from arithmetic to geometry. This site
      also has many interactive lesson pages. Designed for students up through middle
school levels. Very good.
MathsNet : LOTS of interactive exercises to help you visualize and understand numerous
concepts in algebra and geometry. Note that you should have at least a basic
understanding of the concepts on this site before you use its interactive simulations
and demonstrations.

An Introduction to Matrices : a single page that provides very clear information on how
to perform basic matrix-related operations. It's nothing fancy -- but it really does a
good job of explaining things.
Geometry of Linear Transformations of the Plane : a clear-cut example of linear
transformations involving the standard matrix.
Linear Algebra: Matrices at : a web page that offers information on how
to solve some of the common matrix-based problems. Again, nothing fancy -- but
quite informative.
Matrix Algebra from SOS Mathematics : a fine site where you can get all kinds of good
instruction on how to solve matrix algebra problems. Recommended.
Matrix Math : a page devoted to general operations that can be performed on matrices
Nothing fancy -- just straightforward, useful info.
Problems about Matrices Determinants, Systems of Linear Equations : a page that
provides solutions to some of the more common problems in these three areas.

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Probability and Statistics
Animated Statistics Demonstrations : although designed for college students, this
on-line tutorial is great for high schoolers who are punching their way through a
statistics course or chapter. Here, you'll not only find good statistics
demonstrations, but there's also a nice quiz to help you understand basic statistical
concepts. Well done.
HyperStats On-line Textbook and Tutorial : here, you'll find well-written explanations
of all the major concepts of introductory-to-middle level statistics. There are quite a
few examples too. Well done
Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models and Applications : for students who have a
solid understanding of basic statistics, this site offers a good start for further
mastery of the subject. It's a bit advanced -- but if you think you can take "the next
step" to more advanced concepts, this is a site to try.
Statistics Simulations and Demonstations : a terrific site where you will find many
useful interactive demostrations of major statistical concepts. Note that the demos
and simulations require that you have at least some minimal understanding of the
basis statistical concepts.
StatSoft Electronic Textbook : a fantastic resource that covers everything from basic
statistics concepts to advanced concepts. Use the navigation bar on the right side of
the site's page to find the instructional help that you need.
Weiss Elementary Statistics : a good source of information and instruction regarding all
of the major concepts of elementary statistics. If you're new to statistics, this is a
good place to start.
Weise Introductory Statistics: solid information and examples of statistical concepts for
student who have a slightly better than elementary understanding of statistics.

Quadratic Equations / Quadratic Functions
Math for Morons Like Us: Quadratic Functions : a well-written page that provides
clear examples and solid explanations regarding the basics of quadratic functions.
Quadratic Equations at Armstrong Atlantic State : Click the (small) hyperlinks next to
       the practice equations on this page to get excellent "how-to-solve" information 
       regarding quadratic equations. Recommended.
Quadratic Equations : click the links in this WebMath page's "Quadratic Equations"
section to get good help on how to solve quadratic equations, solving equations by
quadratic factoring, and more.

q Interactive Lessons

Radical Expressions and Functions : From, here are plenty of interactive
exercises that will help you to understand how to work and solve radical expressions
and functions. To be able to use the interactive exercises, you must first download
and install the InterAct Math plug-in. That plug-in is available for free on the
Mathmax web site. Highly ecommended.

Radical Expressions at WebMath : this category on at WebMath allows you to enter
radical expressions (square root or higher); then, it shows you how to solve them.

Rational Functions
Calculus: Integration of Rational Functions : a good set of web pages devoted to
explaining how to integrate rational functions. The explanations here are brief and
Graphing Rational Functions : an interesting tutorial that provides help -- at the
beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels -- on how to graph rational functions. Be
sure to use the three colored dots at the bottom of each page for hints and solutions.
Rational Functions from Cal State at San Bernadino : a fine explanation of the major
aspects of rational functions. This site is particularly cool in that it is on of the few
sites that offers interactive assistance in its teaching of rational functions.

Dave's Short Trig Course : an elegant and easy-to-understand on-line "short course" on
the fundamentals of trigonometry. Concepts covered include sines, cosines, chords,
tangents and slopes, trigonometric functions and their inverses, and more.
Frequently Asked Questions About Trigonometry : For student who are just getting
into trigonometry, this site provides nice animated demonstrations of sine, cosines,
tangents and more. This site won't help you to solve trig problems, but it will
definitely help you to understand key basic concepts.
Interactive Trig at Studyworks : the interactive simulations of major trig functions will
help you to visualize how trigonometric functions actually operate. Cool!
Math for Morons Like Us: Trigonometry : a well-done, brief overview of the
fundamental concepts and operations of trigonometry. You can even take a quiz on
this site to check to whether you've mastered basic trig knowledge.
Pre-calculus Trigonometry at Mathematics Help Central : don't let the "pre-calculus"
thing scare you: this site offers splendidly clear explanations of how to solve
nearly all major types of trigonometry problems. Recommended.
Problems about Trigonometry : a page that provides solutions to some of the more
common types of trigonometry problems. Simple and to-the-point.
Trigonometry from International Education Software : a very impressive interactive
site that allows you to see -- often in full motion -- how changing the values in
trigonometric expressions changes their results. This site is excellent if you are
having a hard time visualizing trigonometric concepts. Recommended.
Trigonometry from the NAME Project : a site that provides examples and solutions to
many of the more common trigonometric problems in various areas.
Trigonometry from SOS Mathematics : a good site that contains "how-to" solutions to
numerous types of trigonometric problems.
Trigonometry Realms : despite its weird "Overview" section, this site offers very clear
explanations of some of the more central concepts in trigonometry -- some of which
are animated. So, just avoid the "Overview" section and, instead, use the links below
it to get good trigonometry instruction.

Word Problems
Age Word Problems : a good page devoted to solving word problems that deal with age
(For example, Al's father is 45. He is 15 years older than twice Al's age. How old is
Al?). This site does a good job of explaining how to turn these types of word
problems into simple alebraic expressions.
K-12 Word and Story Problems : a page of word problems with solutions. The
problems are categorized by grade level. This is a good resource for students who
would benefit by studying the given solutions so that they can then apply similiar
thinking to their own homework word problems.
Word Problems at the WebMath : this category at WebMath allows you to choose from
dozens of types of word problems. You enter the numbers and the site will show you
all the steps involved in solving the word problem.
Word Problems for Kids : this Canadian site offers word problems and step-by-step
solutions to them. The word problems are categorized by grade level -- a nice
touch. You can even get on-line hints that help you solve sample problems!

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