How can you add energy to your upcoming in-class report or presentation? Make it interactive! Here, Chatterbee's presents top-notch interactive web sites that you can add instantly to your report to make your in-class presentation an engaging state-of-the art winner!

Using One of These Sites in Your Presentation

Before you include one of the following interactive web sites in your in-class presentation, make sure you have the following things squared away:

-  Your teacher's permission to use the Internet as part of your presentation (permission is
   very, very important!)

-  A computer in your classroom that is connected to the Internet though something faster
   than a dial-up modem. A cable, DSL or better connection would be perfect!

-  A way to connect your classroom's computer either to a large screen television or to a
  large screen projector. Be SURE to get assistance from your school's audio-visual (AV)
  department when it comes to setting up the equipment for your interactive presentations!

- Turn off any of your web browser's pop-up blockers!

Shockwave, QuikTime, and Java are installed on your classroom's computer. Most
   interactive web sites rely on one or more of those software multi-media add-ons. All
   three add-ons are are available for free on the Internet. Note also that if you visit a site and
   your computer doesn't have one of the above-mentioned add-ons, your computer will
   usually ask, automatically, if you would like to download and install the missing add-on.

   For BASIC INSTRUCTIONS on how to use any of the following interactive sites in your
   in-class presentation, just click here.

Health & Medicine

3-D Brain Anatomy : A brief, but very nice and easy-to-use three dimensional tour of the
human brain. This interactive tour provides good basic information regarding all of
the brain's major areas. Nicely done. Adding this tour to your in-class presentation
would give your presentation a really "high tech" look and feel!
Animated Guide to the Digestive System : An interactive demonstration of all the major
digestive organs in human beings. This is a really good and easy-to-use demo that you
can use to spice up your health-related in-class presenation.
Interactive Health Tutorials from Medline : An awesome collection of interactive tutorials
that cover almost every imaginable aspect of health. If you need an easy-to-use
slideshow-like demo to breathe some life to your health-related in-class presentation,
you'll almost certainly find one here that you can use.
Interactive Heart : A really nice interactive presentation about the human heart. Here, you
can first "build" a heart and then you can construct a blood circulation system. These
two online activities are perfect for an in-class presentation where you want to have your
classmates interact with you during your presentation!
Interactive Mitosis Tutorial : A very professional looking interactive tutorial about mitosis
(cell division). Using this in your in-class presentation would really make great
Probe the Brain : This simple (but amusing and fun) interactive demo show how stimulating
parts of the brain result in the movements of different body parts. This would be a cool
addition to any presentation about the human brain.


Amazing Space : An excellent set of interactive simulations -- designed especially for
in-class use -- regarding space phenomenon. Here, you can build a comet or a galaxy,
learn about black holes, and more. This is very good stuff to add to any in-class
presentation involving space and astronomy.
BioInteractive : A truly awesome collection of biology simulations. In addition, there are
two especially outstanding sections, the Virtual Labs and Click and Learn. Both of
those sections contains many superb simulations that can be used in an in-class

Virtual Labs : Play the role of a virtual scientist in these interactive labs. Identify
deadly pathogens, probe heart patients, dissect a leech, or examine antibodies!

Click and Learn : Excellent, brief interactive lessons in several cool areas of biology
including heart size, electric fish, antibodies, and the biology of gender.

Bowman : A neat little war game that you can use in a physics presentation. Here, you
have two archers who fire arrows at each other. To win, you have to fire your arrow using
the proper angle and force (both of which you set with your mouse). You can play
against the computer or -- even better -- you can play against a fellow classmate. Now
THAT would make for a really engaging in-class presentation!
Daredevil Motorcycle Game : A fun simulation of how speed and acceleration allow
motorcycle daredevils to jump school buses. Excellent for an in-class physics
Dinosaur Worlds : Six outstanding interactive tutorials based on the "Walking With
Dinosaurs" television documentary. Including any of these in a dinosaur presentation
would really make for a terrific presentation!
Evolution: Humankind : An interactive lesson in human evolution. This lesson provides an
animated time line, a gallery of hominid skulls, and a hominid family tree. This
interactive lesson is a good addition to any presentation about human evolution.
Flight Club : Click the "Flight Club" link to start a demonstration of how gliders use currents
of hot, rising air (thermals) to say aloft. Then, double-click the demo mode window itself
to actually fly a computer simulated glider into those thermals. Challenging, fun, and
really neat. This would be a nice, fun addition to any earth science presentation
involving weather.
Interactive Body : Several interactive modules that you can add to your biology or
anatomy in-class presentation. Each module comes in the form of a game that you can
use to get your classmates involved in your presentation! Very
well done!
PlanetQuest : An awesome collection of interactive and multimedia presentations that deal
with NASA's search for life on other worlds. The "Interactive Gallery" contains items
that would be especially good for your in-class presentation. Note that not all items
contain sound (most do though). Because of their size, you would need a cable or DSL
connection to use any of these items in your in-class presentation. Excellent stuff here!
The Rocket : No, not space rockets -- "The Rocket" steam engine. Here, you'll find a nice
interactive "game" about one of the earliest mechanized methods of transporation. This
makes a cool addition for reports on locomotion, steam power or the history of
Shuttle Launch Simulation : An easy-to-use, but very sharp-looking interactive web site
where you can show your fellow students some of the major tasks that need to be
completed to launch a space shuttle successfully. At this NASA site, you can launch
any one of several space shuttles including, oddly enough, the late space
shuttle Columbia.
SodaConstructor : Manipulate (or even create!) wire-frame computerized creatures that
actually move and react to their box-like environment. Extremely cool! Best suited for
in-class presentations in physics, mechanics or even biology.

Social Studies / History

Cleopatra : This is a fun interactive puzzle that lets you hunt for fragments of Cleopatra's
image at an ancient site. Assemble an image of Cleopatra by putting together the
fragments that you found. This is a fun module would really get your fellow classmates
into enjoying any presentation about ancient Egypt!
The Greeks : A very professional-looking interactive site from PBS. This animated highlight
of ancient Greek life makes a great addition to any in-class report about that culture.
HistoryWired : A totally fascinating interactive electronic "quilt" of numerous cultural and
historical events that took place in the United States between A.D. 1400 and
A.D. 2000. This interactive module is totally unique and completely dazzling -- and it
would make a splendid addition to any in-class presentation regarding U. S. history!
Millenium: A 1000 Years of History : An outstanding summary of the 11th through 20th
centuries. If you're doing a report regarding major events in any given century during the
past millenium, this interactive site the perfect way to energize your in-class
Secrets of the Lost Ark : A neat animated exploration of the famous "Lost Ark" -- yup, the
one that Indiana Jones popularized again. This makes an excellent addition to any
in-class history report about the ancient Middle East.


Have you come across a really good interactive site lately? If so -- and you think it would
be a good addition to this page -- let us know! Submit your discovery
through our Submit-A-Site page!

Note that we currently do not accept interactive sites for General Reference, Mathematics or the Arts. This is because (a) few in-class presentations involve general reference or math issues and, (b) most in-class presentations in arts classes consist of students presenting their works of art or engaging in performances.

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