Now You Can Search The Invisible Web!

What's the Invisible Web? It's thousands of specialized online databases and content areas that are NOT available through Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, HotBot, and other major Internet search engines. So, all of its information is "invisible," available only to those people who know how to find it. And, below, we provide you with those some of the most powerful Invisible Web search engines!

Multiple Subject Search Engines
These Invisible Web search engines can search many different
subject areas.

CompletePlanet : This impressive Invisible Web search engine describes
itself as a "compilation of searchable databases and engines on
the Internet -- 40,000 listings and growing placed in a 7,000 category
directory structure."

IncyWincy : Designed especially for searching the Invisible Web, this engine
covers hundreds of subject areas.

Infomine : Quickly search through tens of thousands of  academic
resources for info about biology, government, engineering, physical
science, the arts, and much more! : This Invisible Web search engine has neat twist: it lets
you search, by category, for OTHER Invisible Web search engines.
Neat for finding obscure but useful facts on all kinds of stuff.

Search Adobe PDF On-line : Find highly technical and very specialized
information by searching though millions of PDF-based documents.
Note: To read what you find through this search, you'll need
Adobe's Acrobat Reader (available for free on the web site).

Single Subject Search Engines
These Invisible Web search engines specialize in finding information
in one major subject area.

AnimalSearch : A search engine devoted entirely to finding sites related to
particular animals. Excellent for reports and homework about wildlife,
insects, and so on.

Cinema FreeNet : This isn't the easiest search engine to use -- but what it
does is fascinating: it finds (among other things) which movies starred
the actors you request. Be sure to read its instructions before trying
your first search.

FindLaw : If you need to find information about almost any law or statute in
the United States, this is THE search engine to use!

Nuclear Explosions Database : Maintained by GeoScience Australia, here
you can search for basic information on all nuclear bomb tests
since 1945.

Scirus : A search engine that searches only scientific web sites. If you
need info on just about any scientific subject, try Scirus.

SciSeek : This search engine focuses entirely on scientific subjects. It
searches the general Internet as well as some of the more hard-to-find
science areas on the web.

Government (United States)

EnergyFiles : This U.S. government search engine covers "over 500
databases and Web sites containing information and resources
pertaining to energy science and technology, with an emphasis on the
physical sciences."

Federal R&D Research Summaries : Find descriptions of goverment
research being done by the Department of Energy, the National
Institutes of Health, and the National Science Foundation. Search
results are often very technical and are thus best suited for
college students.

FirstGov : A terrific search engine that lets you find almost anything
information regarding services (such as student loans, social security,
health insurance, etc.) offered by the U.S. federal government.

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